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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ambang tahun kedua

Esok genap usia cik abang kecik saya 2 tahun.huhuhu..
Tp kalu nk ckp and luah kat sini pasal tantrum dia,adehh..
Takyah la, kita cite yg baik2 je. Cakap yg baik2 kan boleh jd doa.

Walau lasak macam mana pun dia,
Walau menggeramkan. Mama tetap sayang.
Jadi anak yg baik ye Irfan Ahmad.
Irfan Ahmad tolong aminkan doa mama tau, so that allah bg kesabaran dlm membesarkanmu wahai anak. Huhu

Two-year-olds give the biggest hugs, flash the biggest smiles, and yes, throw the loudest, most spectacular tantrums. Because they live in the moment, their feelings are especially transparent. It's tempting to want to keep things happy for your child at all times. But it's also important for her to experience emotions like sadness, frustration, and anger without always being "rescued" by Mom or Dad, so she can learn to cope better with small setbacks. Two-year-olds do test limits and disagree with parents, of course, but they're also developing more of a desire to please you. They want to be good! They want to help! Routines and consistency in your responses help your child learn the ropes and keep everyday life running smoothly.


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