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Saturday, September 1, 2012


*updated entry

Irfan Ahmad 1st baby mama and abah. 1st cucu opah and atok, tapi 5th cucu of tok ngn wan, hihi

1st day
1st smile

1st toy : moomoo

1st hasil: 1st time pumping
1st time jumpa moyang

1st time naik buai

1st attemp to turn at 3 months age

and...muka puas
1st time balik kodiang...long journey
1st time pegi  playground

1st birthday party attended : thaqief 1st birthday

1st carseat

1st book mama beli utk irfan
1st songkok
1st time tempah baju melayu

1st baju raya on his 1st day raya

1st ride @ KLCC

on his 1st birthday
1st ride - fun fair rawang..hihi Irfan cepat bosan

1st birthday cake.. share ngn atok (bday 2 nov) and opah (5 jan)

With his first high chair.. boleh makan semeja dengan mama and abah!
eh lupa, his first word! of course la MAMA! hahahhahhaha

1st time makan lolipop
1st time naik train with his first ManU jersi!

p/s: entry ini akan bersambung lagi.. long way to go irfan ahmad..akan ada byk lagi '1st time' for you.

Love you so much,

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